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Raritan Solutions has been selling and installing Raritan Keyboard Video Mouse switches (KVM Switches) such as the Dominion DKX3-216, the 16-port web-based KVM-over-IP switch, and Dominion DKX3-232, the 32-port web-based KVM-over-IP switch, for almost 15 years. RaritanSolutions.com was created to sell our most popular KVM switches at the best prices on the web. The Dominion DKX3-216 and Dominion DKX3-232 are our two standard and the most popular switches that we sell across the country. Along with the DKX3-216 and the DKX3-232 we sell Raritan KVM switch CIM cables/computer interface modules such as the D2CIM-DVUSB, the D2CIM-VUSB, and the Paragon II USB CIM – P2CIM-AUSB at the lowest prices available on the web. If you need other Raritan products than the Raritan Dominion DKX3-216 and Dominion DKX3-232 we may have others in stock in our warehouse, so please ask. We would like the opportunity to serve you with Raritan’s award-winning, enterprise-class KVM-over-IP switches that provide BIOS-level access and control of your servers over your LAN, WAN, Internet connection or dialup.

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